Transfer Cases & Split Shaft PTOs

Namco’s Split-Shaft PTO & Transfer Case Gearboxes are the field proven way to drive pumps, generators, air compressors, winches, and more — from your truck’s engine.
From 150 to 2250HP, they are a practical, cost-effective alternative to using dedicated engines to power auxiliary equipment. In addition, they are the #1 reliable, heavyduty alternative to general purpose power takeoffs that just aren’t built for the high speeds and high torques characteristic to Oilfield Equipment, Vacuum Trucks, Concrete Pumpers, Mobile Drilling Rigs (Water or Petroleum), and emergency vehicle applications.
Installed in a midship position between the two halves of a split driveshaft, the NAMCO gearboxes use a sliding gear to shift power between the vehicle’s wheels and its own output shaft. The sliding gear is positioned by an air powered shift mechanism.
With multiple auxiliary output shafts for unsurpassed versatility, vertical, horizontal, and optional SAE or DIN pump mounting for ease of installation, multiple ratios, and the world-famous NAMCO reliability, our products deserve to be your choice for virtually all split-shaft & transfer case gearbox applications.