NAMCO is best known for its great diversity in skills and capabilities; from manufacturing of service rigs and snubbing units to centrifuges, drilling & service rig drawworks, gearboxes, and small CNC precision machined components. NAMCO is a high technology Canadian company which has built its' success on innovation, quality engineering, and customer satisfaction. NAMCO puts "Quality before Quantity, never cutting corners when dealing with the needs of our customers worldwide. We are proud of our steady growth and we look forward to adding more chapters into our quarter century success story. In a diversified company like NAMCO, we have an opportunity to work with the discerning customer; willing to invest and buy the best.

NAMCO's investment into its' people, tooling, machinery, and engineering programs means better value for the customer. We are able to calculate and design a superior product with more strength and a longer life giving the end user high quality products on budget.

  • Linear Static Stress and Deflection
  • Steady State Heat Transfer
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Linear Buckling & Vibration Analysis
  • Geometry Based Shape Optimization
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Constraint Tension & Friction Force
  • Centre of Mass & Moment of Inertia
  • J-Factor Blancing of Gears
  • Optimum Gear Tooth Profile
  • Specific Sliding Ratios for Gears
  • Gear set K-Factors and Unit Load Factors
  • General Stress and Life Analysis of Gears

NAMCO's  team of Professional Engineers, use state of the art technology to aid
in the design of all products manufactured at our facility:

  • Complete 3-D Mechanical Design
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Gear Design Software
  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD)
  • 3-D Solids Modelling
  • Professional Engineering with APEGA Certifications